Thursday, October 26, 2006

For My Slave..

Who want see my feet. Slave worship his mistress feet. He massage feet, ankles and calves. He love rub lotion all over, and suck on toes....even baby toes.

He shave mistress legs and take care of all mistress needs.

He act as mistress toilet and see to mistress hygiene.

Slave act as fluffer for mistress lovers and clean up cum from mistress after lover has left.

Slave cum on mistress feet and then rub all in like fine, expensive lotion.

For all of this, I post picture of feet for slave as reward so he see whenever he want.


Anonymous Keegan said...

Damn, can you get any more sexier, how about you leave a picture of you with a dildo in your pussy. YOU Are so sexy,

5:46 PM  

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